Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello, internet! 
It's been a while, so I'm going to again regale you with stories of our most current wins and fails! Yes, let's catch up! 

First of all, let's talk about our latest film The Marquee Lights! 
If you haven't read about this film yet, check its very own website here! (You should definitely check out that website....and "Like" it.....and share it with your friends.....)

The Marquee Lights had its premiere screening at The Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. It was nominated for Best Dramatic Short, and we got to go to a super fancy red carpet event (where we were groped by the bad guy from Kindergarten Cop). We didn't win, but we met some awesome people, and stole the seating number from the table at the end of the night.

And we got one of THESE!!

Since we have infamously bad luck (just kind of in life generally) we managed to have two screenings for TML on the same day. We screened at the Multicultural Arts Center in Merced California (where it was filmed), and at the Vina de Oro Fresno International Film Festival.
Jason Ryder, Ashley Franklin, Julie, and Heather. Film makers!
We went to our hometown screening in Merced, since we were hosting it and doing a Q&A afterwards. The film screened three times to a full house, followed by really great questions....did something just work out for us? I think so! Go us!

We didn't make it to the Vina de Oro screening, but we got one of THESE!! 

We also got some write ups in Downtown Life Magazine, and The Merced Sunstar advertising our film. (We're attention whores now, so we expect you to share our blog with all of your friends)

In non - TML related news we made a faux movie trailer called It's Alive. We worked with a business (Kirby Manufacturing), a medical mannequin (the SimMan), and made a movie trailer for a Hospital (Mercy Hospital), to raise money to buy more medical mannequins (SimMans).  Okay....are you with me? Lets just say we filmed a Frankenstein style trailer, in a factory, and it was a blast!!
Wanna know what? Just go ahead and watch the trailer! 

It's Alive was shown at the Night of 1,000 Stars Gala where it won the award for Best Trailer! 
More good luck for us! We've never won anything, and in our slightly inebriated states (free bar, nice bartenders) we could not have been more ecstatic! And then we stole the seating number from the table at the end of the night. And we got one of THESE!! 

That's right we got a trophy!! Don't hate.

We'll take it!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Can't... Write... Biography

This is Heather. I need to write a short biography about myself for our website for The Marquee Lights. I can't think of things because my brain has other things in it, like stress and prison dreams (have you seen Orange is the New Black? It's a great show!)


Jesse took it upon himself to write my biography for me and this is what happened (keep in mind he is my boyfriend and also kind of super gangster):

I try not to come off as too stand-off-ish, but I am the Funk Master. I believe being so involved in music has given me insight into the film scene by providing an outline as to how to create films that are more than worthy of watching over and over again, and receiving award after award.  To be titled the funk master was no easy task. With great roles come even greater responsibilities. Being utterly gorgeous was the simple part. I’ve worked tirelessly to fight off the boys in the yard, mind you, no milkshakes were involved. Training every day to perfect what was already pure perfection. Late nights beating the living shit out of little bitches who simply couldn’t deal with all o’ this. Watching movie after movie, to determine which diva I needed to become friends with, to help fund our zero-budget movies.

I know, I’m pretty awesome. I rock a six pack, punt a bitch’s face into the neighbors backyard, and still don’t spill my ice-cold lemonade.  I learnded all of this in Atwater, California. It was a motivator for becoming nothing less than excellent and getting the f*** outta this ol’ town.  Playing rock shows with bitchy guys who don’t know how to play their instruments led me and my sister to get away from a watered down music scene.

What do you say, should I keep it? 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello my little individually wrapped pieces of fruit flavored candy.
Today’s post is about something we’ve all experienced, and we all have. (Some people to a much greater extent.) 


Behold! The majestic Unicorn! The most prideful of all creatures!

 We all have that little voice in our heads telling us we deserve the world. Sometimes it says, “You work hard, you deserve this job!”
Other times it says, “You’re the very best at everything, and nobody is better than you! You should have EVERYBODY ELSE’S JOB! Go get em’, King of the Universe!”
Pride gives us confidence, and sometimes makes it seem like we have none.
Every now and then our pride gets hurt. It trips and skins its knee, throwing a big bitch fit inside our heads causing chaos.
How does our pride want to deal with getting hurt?
It wants to retaliate! It wants revenge!
Now our bruised pride needs to hurt someone else’s pride to feel like a big man again.

Unicorn Fire Fiiiiiiight!
Pride wants a mother frackin fire fight

 And so the cycle continues.


You might be wondering what this has to do with film, this being a film blog and all.
Well, can you just imagine how prideful the film industry is?
Everybody working so hard to make their own original work, wanting everyone else to see it and tell them they’re talented!
Film makers don’t work for money.
Film makers work for praise. The pride monster in their heads has more control over them than the hunger monster in their stomachs that just wants to get paid enough to go to Taco Bell.
No payment for you tonight, Stomach! People like our profitless short films better than they like our tedious wedding videos!
This also goes for writers, actors, artists, musicians, architects, designers, etc. 

You have to be careful with other people’s pride in the film business. If you offer someone help they may respond with “We don’t need your help! You need our help!”
They then go about the act of making you feel stupid for having the gall to assume they are anything but perfect. (Did I mention show biz people have big egos?)
We also know if a guy asks you out, and you tell him you’re not interested he’ll come back with “Oh, I wasn’t asking you out. You thought I was asking you out? How cute.”
You were asking me out and you know it!


 When pride is hurt people turn into ass hats.

So, in the film business is it better to swallow our own pride, to keep from hurting someone else’s?

Swallow your pride....and your feelings....

As far as we know, in our current place in our career, the answer is a big fat soul crushing YES!......and then a slightly lesser no….

Because at this point in our lives we’re not allowed to have pride!
We’re not allowed to have egos.
At this point we’re still Nobodies. Buuuuut if you’re not proud (at least a little) of your work then what are you doing making it? You gotta have a little confidence, just to keep going.
Then swallow your pride, and take help when it’s offered. Also, offer help…..maybe do it secretly in a way so no one knows who is really helping whom. (Check out the boss ass grammar! Flawless!)

You have yourself a nice day.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wondercon 2013!!!

Greetings internet!
Greetings internet voyagers! 
Guess what we did?
We went to Wondercon 2013 in Anaheim CA!   

That glorious glorious Wondercon logo!
What's Wondercon, you might ask?
Wondercon is a lot like Comic Con, but not quite as ENORMOUS! (That was important as this was our first con of any kind.....and we're scared of people...)
Wondercon is a convention where professionals in the comic book, film, and television industry meet to talk about their craft to the fans. 
Also you get to dress up! I saw, like, fifty Dr. Who's!

So here's what we did on our Wondercon Adventure!

First we saw Felicia Day talk about Geek and Sundry. She was funny and awesome! Just like I dreamed she would be! I wanted to meet her, but we had places to go! So we got this picture instead!

We saw a sneak peak of James Wan's new ghost film The Conjuring! James Wan is the twisted mind behind Saw (the good one), and Insidious. (If you haven't seen Insidious it's like Disney's version of a ghost story on Broadway....I quite liked it.) 
We got to see Wan, and hear him talk about his new film.
Then we saw the sneak peak.....let me tell you, I don't know what this film will be like as a whole, but the 4 minutes they showed us in the crowded arena was one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I swear the room dropped ten degrees. A movie can really make an impression on you when you hear a room full of ten thousand people all gasp at the same time. You can watch my favorite trailer for this movie here, but it still doesn't do it justice.....clap clap.

James Wan. It must have been foggy in the arena!

Then director Guillermo del Torro came out. He's the mastermind behind the exquisite film Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone, and he's produced just about everything. He was funny and smart as he talked about the business. Guillermo (I feel we're on a first name basis now) said the most powerful word in the entertainment industry is "No".  Just say no, kids! We need to remember this! Guillermo talked about his new movie Pacific Rim. Or as I like to call it Fricken Kick Ass Mother Frick Yeah! The trailer (which was an exclusive only for Wondercon trailer) was huge, and loud, and the other ten thousand people in the room were so freakin psyched to see it the atmosphere just exploded into a fiery blaze of intense awesome based madness! Ten thousand geeks who thought this was the greatest thing they have EVER. SEEN. IN. THEIR. LIVES! Yeah, that must be a good feeling. 
See the trailer here, but it really needs to be about fifty times bigger, and a hundred times louder for you to really get the same experience. 

Whatever he's saying right now is genius. Trust me.

Oh, this is what the arena looked like by the way.

Wolverine Seth!
Then we witnessed the hilarity that is Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. I don't have to explain Seth Rogan....right? They talked about their new movie This Is the End! Celebrities play exaggerated versions of themselves during the apocalypse. Michael Cera is a huge douche! Jonah Hill gets possessed by a demon. Rihanna falls into a giant fiery abyss. I can't remember much of what Seth, Danny, and Craig talked about because it was mostly hysterical nonsense, but the movie looks awesome! Check that (pretty inappropriate)  trailer out here

Bruce looking very serious.
Then, be still my heart, came Bruce Campbell! I LOOOOOVE Bruce Campbell! He was talking about the new Evil Dead remake with a bunch of other actors and some director I don't know.....I only saw Bruce Campbell! And he's so weird, and hilarious, and totally everything I thought he'd be! He was wearing a suite and talking about vomiting blood into people mouths! It was amazing! He gave my favorite quote of the day which was "If it's easy to make, it'll be boring to watch." I love that! And the Evil Dead will be gory and hard to watch....unless you love gore! They use very little CGI (if you're like me and are not a fan of CGI) and lots of practical makeup! I saw it the other day.....stay to the end of the credits.....oh the joy......

The cast of the new Evil Dead movie.

JOSS WHEDON!!! (Buffy, Angel, Toy Story, The Avengers, my personal favorite Cabin in the Woods) We saw him when he promoted his new Film, Much Ado About Nothing.
Joss was like "I wanna make a movie after The Avengers. Imma call all the actors I know and do an artistic, modern, black and white rendition of a Shakespearean masterpiece. Where can I shoot this film!? Imma just shoot it in my own house! A couple weekends! Done!"
And he totally did!  You go Joss!  You could tell the actors on his panel were all so proud and honored to be up there with him. They all really respected him. And rightly so! Joss Whedon is the man!

That's Joss Wheden!!
After that we watched the season premier of Dr. Who before its airing. Then came Chris Hardwick with an explosion of geeky madness! (even though we all know everyone just wanted him to talk about The Walking Dead). We ended our incredible three days of movie, tv, comic book, and fandom crazed madness with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. 

He talked more about his girlfriend than I would have liked....

Wondercon was awesome! I'm totally going again! 
And next time I'm dressing up!
I don't know as what though......maybe as Game of Thrones Daenerys, if that's still a thing.
I also want to be Daryl, but there were a lot of Daryls.....and Zombie Disney Princesses....there were a lot of those too....

Yay! We survived!